Green Beret arcade game

Green Beret is an action/platform arcade game released by Konami in 1985.

Green Beret

The player takes on the role of a United States special operations soldier infiltrating an enemy military base which, as hinted by the name, resembles a Soviet military complex. In the arcade game version, the plot is to save several POW's from being executed by firing squad. ...(more) There are four stages.The omnipresent knife can be supplemented with captured arms. By killing key persons, the player can obtain powerful weapons. At the end of each stage, there are extra challenges.

How to play Green Beret:

Wait the game to load then click on the game. Press 5 to insert coins, and press 1 to start play. Use the arrows to move and CTRL and SPACE as fire buttons.
Keys resume
5 - insert coin
1 - start player 1
2 - start player 2

P - Pause
ESC - Reset game
Player 1 control

CTRL - fire 1
SPACE - fire 2

ARROWS - move player 1
Player 2 control

A - fire 1
S - fire 2

D R F G - move player 2
Please intall Java Platform Standard Edition in order to run the game.
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